I’m a trained professional pianist and has played all styles of music written for the piano. I perform for weddings, parties, corporate events, recitals, competitions, auditions, etc. I meet with clients after booking to discuss special requests and is very attentive to each client’s needs. I work tirelessly to make every event an outstanding experience. 

How much does it cost for a Pianist ?

The average cost to hire an Deposit  Pianist for 2 hours is $250, and you will likely spend between $150 and $400 per event. However, travel distance, experience, time frame, and other details will also factor into pricing. I do give our church members and friends a huge discount.  (Updated September 26, 2017)

There are song’s on the right which are recordings that I’ve done at home there not done on the church’s Organ, I provided 10 beautiful sound tracks for you to be able to download and listen too only. These are examples on what I can do for you I can either have my keyboard there which will cost you more, or I can just play on there organ. Remember I will not be able too reproduce the same sounds from the keyboard too the organ but the style sound be near the same. 





The song List  

01 Spirit Song 

02 Renesmees-lullaby

03 Love Story 

04 Here I Am Lord 

05 Unchained Melody 

06 In The Living Years 

07 Above All 

08 Moonlight Sonata  

09 Memory’s

10  All Of Me