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Welcome to The Best Of Richard Paul website,

My history, I played for a Methodist church for 25 years, I am currently playing for The First Baptist Church in Deposit N.Y. Service starts at 10:30. In 1991 I was the keyboardist for Rich Wilson Elvis Tribute band.With in the last 10 years i was in several Christian Rock Bands, Three Crosses Bare, Roar, & Crossfire. I will have some music and videos posted from them soon. As for right now i’m taking time off from the bands. I am only playing for the Baptist church for right now. I do alot of my own home recording. I will have cds available soon, Christmas CD, All Time Hymn’s CD, All Time Favorites CD. Each one will sell for $10.00. Not sold in stores.

There songs that are recorded in just piano, to having a whole orchestra all computerized, which means i had over lap each track to get all of those sounds in. I had even took a few songs scanned the music in the computer by using certain software i was able to create a whole orchestra with not one person playing and yes it can be done. I had taken this one song Over the rainbow used I recorded live birds and created a melody line for them just a small part of it because it I wanted your mind to wonder some. It starts out with birds just singing but when it gets to the main melody that is when the birds will sing the melody. How did I do it? It all played out out in real time. By adding the sound of the birds into the computer i was able to translate them into the keyboard it self as a wav file and when i played the keyboard it was using those bird sounds.

There are some songs that I had did just me playing, even with the back tracks. by recording each part by over lapping tracks. This takes a long time do. I did songs with just me playing the piano alone with strings. I have a unique style of range from classical,ragtime,love songs, romantic songs, show tunes, church hymns. christian music. You name it If i can sight read it I can play it.