Has always been a favorite for weddings. It’s perfect for special wedding highlights, from the Prelude to the Interlude. For Receptions, it’s a welcome change of pace for dinner courses, when guests love to talk and socialize. and you’d be surprised at how affordable and fun Live Piano Music can be. Whether you have a piano or we use mine, I am a fully self-contained musician. 



The Prelude is a clear and close cousin to Roland’s GW-8L keyboard. It’s housed in a very similar case however the color of the color is slightly different. In contrast to the GW-8L the Prelude has built-in speakers.The casing itself is black on white with the control buttons to the right and are somewhat transparent that glow when the keyboard is powered on.



CrossFire plays a variety of styles of music – from contemporary praise and worship music to rock and blues – all with a Christ-centered message.  CrossFire’s mission is to share the message of God’s love and grace




I’m a trained professional pianist and has played all styles of music written for the piano. I perform for weddings, parties, corporate events, recitals, competitions, auditions, etc. I meet with clients after booking to discuss special requests and is very attentive to each client’s needs. I work tirelessly to make every event an outstanding experience.



 I played for a Methodist church for 25 years, I am currently playing for The First Baptist Church in Deposit N.Y. Service starts at 10:30. In 1991 I was the keyboardist for Rich Wilson Elvis Tribute band.With in the last 10 years i was in several Christian Rock Bands, Three Crosses Bare, Roar, & Crossfire. 



There songs that are recorded in just piano, to having a whole orchestra all computerized, which means i had over lap each track to get all of those sounds in. I had even took a few songs scanned the music in the computer by using certain software i was able to create a whole orchestra with not one person playing and yes it can be done